What we do

Our specialism is to develop and manufacture special machines for various industries. In addition to challenging projects, you can also contact us for all kinds of mechanical operations. These will be executed adequately and efficently by committed tradesmen. This is our strength due to which we have already a lot of satisfied customers!

Cooperation is very important to us. We always work together with the customer. Short lines and quick switching, informal contact and with humor… that makes a collaboration effective to our opinion. Achieve goals together, that’s our goal!

How do we achieve this

METAL loves to work effectively. Actually goals will be achieved by keeping in mind the objective from the beginning. We never fail!

Each project starts with clearly defined goals. During an intake interview we first discuss the ambition of the customer to analyse the problem and objective. Eventually we process this problem and objective in a “Proof of Concept”. After mutual approval we start building.

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